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In the next few weeks Eblast communications will move to run through the Far West website. Until then all Eblasts will continue to come out of the Mail Chimp System. If you need ot sign up for Eblasts please click on the correct age class listed below:





It is with great excitement that we launch our new website and we Thank You for your patience this Fall as many items have not been updated on the old site that you are used to looking for.

Some highlights of the new site:

  1. Each age class has a singled dedicated page that houses schedules, results, standings and announcements
  2. Our new site is MOBILE FRIENDLY!!!
  3. Eblasts will be transferred over to be sent out of this site directly instead of using a third party.
  4. An opportunity to submit pictures from races that you attend to add to our 'Swoosh' pictures.
  5. Scrolling announcements and articles on the front page
  6. An opportunity for you, or your company, to advertise on the Far West page!

Take some time to 'cruise' the site and please ask any questions you may have!

The Far West Academic Team recognizes current Srs – U16 athletes in the Far West whose GPA for the previous season’s Spring Semester was a 3.5 or better. The athletes must have been registered Sr-U16 during the 2015-2016 academic period.

Far West Skiing would like to congratulate the 78 athletes that have balanced school and ski racing so well this past spring! Best wishes to all of our athletes in the upcoming academic season.

Click here to view athlete listing.

The Annual Far West Fall Convention will be held November 4-6, 2016 at Squaw Valley. 

We are excited to bring forth this three day opportunity for our coaches, athletes, parents and officials as we prepare for the upcoming season! Learn about 'How did SKILLS sneak into Ski Racing,' how to become an official, updates from Far West, Western Region and USSA for the 16-17 season. 
Click here for detailed information and registration/RSVP for events during the Far West Fall Convention.

Looking forward to seeing everyone November 4-6th!


Mission Statement

Promote the skiing development of young athletes from all clubs in the Far West with the objective of placing elite competitors onto the US Ski Team. 'Alpine Athlete competencies' as developed by USSA will be used as a guideline.

  • Promote alpine competition in Far West from entry level, club level and elite level.
  • Provide financial support to athletes, coaches and development projects.
  • Maintain a structure that will support the needs of Far West clubs, athletes, coaches and general membership.

Elevated Events

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