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FW U14 Speed Project Mammoth Mountain 2018


Wednesday April 18th & Thursday April 19th   
Athlete Registration 7:30 Lift tickets lobby of HQ
7:50 Athlete activations on snow outside HQ! With designated coaches
8:10-20 designated coaches, will do roll call, organize groups, explain daily plan, and what the focus is!
8:25 Coaches/ Athletes load lifts for warmup/ inspection, (Warm up will be organized inside training venues!)
9:00 -11:30 Training,  

Each group will go through a jumping progression
Prep, Press, Flight, Hold, Follow through!
Statically then progress to the jumps in increments and increase speed and then link into turns.
Section 1-2 Hair Jump into Gremlins stop them. Proceed to middle St Anton for SG turns set at 45m. This section will lap on Chairs 1-23 wind and weather permitting.
Section 3-4 World cup to Cheeseburger jump stop above chair 23. Then proceed to Fascination and lower knoll jump.  World Cup will include a section for pole jumpers to practice in a tuck. These sections will lap on Chairs 1-3.

Lunch 11:30-12:15

Regroup 12:25

Video schedule:  Groups will be videoed off Cheeseburger jump and Hair Jump  
Group 1 12:30-12:50 HQ
Group 2 1:00-1:20 HQ
Group 3 1:30 1:50 HQ
Group 4 2:00 - 2:20 HQ

Thursday April 19th - Same schedule groups will switch training venue sides.

***Athletes only here for Thursday will be assigned to the Hair jump/ St Anton sections!  

This schedule and training plan is subject to change due to wind, weather, and visibility or snow condition issues. Please be patient! We have a plan and Mother Nature just needs to cooperate. The goal of this project is to bring our FW athletes/coaches together and gain valuable experience, knowledge, and develop the skills necessary for speed!   

The Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship to be used towards college expenses. It is given out yearly to a member of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program. To be eligible you must already be a member of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program and be accepted to an accredited Junior College, University or vocational school for the coming fall. The award will be distributed over 4 years in portions of $2,500 each year, based on the recipient’s continued good standing in school. The recipient will be expected to be a full time student, to carry 12 units per semester, to strive for a 3.5 gpa and to give the Scholarship Program updates on their progress each Summer in order to receive the next award installment. Winners do not have to participate in further athletics of any kind.

Applications will be distributed to existing members of the Masters Scholarship Program that will potentially be entering school in the fall. They will be due April 30th. Awards will be based on a combination of academic scholarship, exemplary work ethic and focus, leadership and citizenship. They are not based on athletic achievement or athletic success.

The application for this scholarship is brief, as all people applying have already applied and have been accepted into the Masters Scholarship Program. Additionally most applicants will have participated in the Masters Program for many years and are therefore well-known to the committee reviewing these applications based on their previous interactions.

Grand Prix: (U.S. Ski & Snowboard racing)
This is the qualifying series to the Western Region Jr Champs for U19 and U21 athletes, these races are U.S. Ski & Snowboard events. For the 2018 season the Grand Prix series will consist 3 weekends of U.S. Ski & Snowboard /Far West events plus the Far West Finals Tech and SG Finals.

The Grand Prix series is scored for Srs/U21’s and U19’s as a series to qualify for scholarships to be used for the following season. The places are determined by adding up the total World Cup Points earned during ALL the races listed in the Grand Prix series for that season. Each race is scored by separating the field by gender into Srs/U21’s and U19 classes. Foreign, out of division, current USST and U16 participants in each race are removed and results are sorted by class prior to assigning WCP’s for each race. Athletes must have competed in at least half of the scheduled Grand Prix races in order to qualify for the scholarships.

Overall Champions from the Grand Prix Series will be awarded the following:

            1st  place – U19 men/women      $600 Scholarship
            2nd place – U19 men/women      $300 Scholarship
            3rd  place – U19 men/women      $200 Scholarship

Current Standings are posted below the schedules on the U19+ page.

Current Ladies Standings
Current Gents Standings

Mission Statement

Promote the skiing development of young athletes from all clubs in the Far West with the objective of placing elite competitors onto the US Ski Team. 'Alpine Athlete competencies' as developed by USSA will be used as a guideline.

  • Promote alpine competition in Far West from entry level, club level and elite level.
  • Provide financial support to athletes, coaches and development projects.
  • Maintain a structure that will support the needs of Far West clubs, athletes, coaches and general membership.


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